herCAREER- the platform for female career.

With numerous formats for interactive exchange – especially at the herCAREER-Expo – we strengthen networking between companies and, in particular, with female talents. These include role models, contacts with insiders and experts. Also, since almost every second job is now filled via network. With herCAREER, we focus on cross-hierarchical networking and an exchange of experiences.

We support women and companies in further expanding these networks professionally and in a career context. Our offer extends beyond the Expo as a central platform to PR services such as interviews, audio and video formats, digital job matches and herCAREER-Network to facilitate exciting contacts for a professional and personal exchange.

Through our social media channels, we bundle articles and news about female careers, and with our podcast herCAREER Voice, we present exciting role models, experts and insiders, as well as selected discussions. Read here what makes us special and who is behind the initiative.

Are you interested in services and projects related to herCAREER? We will be happy to keep you up to date.

We match you with heart and brain.

Because we do what we do with enthusiasm. We are constantly learning and put the interests of all stakeholders at the center of our work.

The idea behind herCAREER-Network: We connect people who should get to know each other – and make a targeted exchange possible. The tool is designed for people who have specific questions in a professional context – and for people who are willing to share their experience and expertise. With herCAREER-Expo, we have been making these competencies and areas of expertise visible for years: in around 350 presentations and MeetUps – every year – with the personal profiles of exhibitors, speakers and visitors and through the digital expo matching of the herCAREER-Expo.

With herCAREER-Network, our leading expo for women’s careers goes into overtime, so to speak, and for as long as you personally decide. Because, of course, visitors are not only interested in a targeted exchange at the time of the expo. Now they can network with herCAREER-Lunchdates throughout the year – regardless of time and place.
For the year-round job search, we offer another tool: herCAREER-Jobmatch. As a subscriber of herCAREER-Lunchdates you can benefit from the matching on herCAREER-Jobmatch for free!

What makes our platform special?

Based on a scientifically founded questionnaire technique, we match people for a professional and personal exchange in a professional context. We see ourselves as a digital network – in particular to learn from each other. True to the maxim #strongertogether and #machenistwiewollennurkrasser, we believe that together we can achieve even more – regardless of space and time.

Do we need another Event like herCAREER-Expo?

Have you already been to the herCAREER-Expo? Then you know that this expo stands for networking across hierarchies and an exchange at eye level. “I have never experienced such a positive atmosphere at any other career expo.” – that’s what visitors and exhibitors would tell you. It is the largest networking event for women’s careers in Europe. Become a part of it! And you surely also know: Despite all the digitalization, there is no substitute for personal contact. This is where exciting people get to know each other and/or intensify a previously purely digital acquaintance.

Natascha Hoffner – the woman behind herCAREER:

Natascha Hoffner is behind the largest and most important career platform for female career planning – herCAREER with its comprehensive online offering. Natascha previously worked in exhibition industry for 15 years, most recently in the management of a subsidiary of Deutsche Messe AG in Mannheim. After realizing that there was no going back to the old company, she packed her bags and moved to Munich with her family. Child number two was just five months old at the time. Staying at home was out of the question for her. Instead, in 2015, she built up the company messe.rocks with the herCAREER exhibition in just six months. She owes her success to her pragmatic and optimistic nature as a doer, but also to her husband, who supports her 100 percent. Natascha not only showed how to found a company successfully, but also how to survive crises. After her company had to cancel the herCAREER-Expo in autumn 2020, she used the “Corona break” to further develop the business model: A digital platform emerged from the trade fair. If Natascha has her way, she will soon be the leading digital platform for women’s careers across Europe

In addition to the content marketing offers and the expert interviews, Natascha Hoffner launched numerous social media activities such as the herCAREER Voice podcast as part of herCAREER. In addition to the digital job match with herCAREER-Jobmatch, there is also the digital offer herCAREER-Lunchdates, which enables a targeted and professional exchange with a view to career development. On topics such as career entry, advancement to the next career level, or founding a company, exciting sparring partners are suggested to interested parties – true to our motto: #strongertogether and #werisebyliftingothers.