With herCAREER-Network we want to create purposeful relationships. By using technology, we can bring together even more women and, above all, in a more targeted manner. Start building or expanding your network with exciting personalities.

A network thrives on a “giving and receiving” mentality. Therefore, as a participant at herCAREER-Network you are willing to share your knowledge and experiences with others.

There are various ways to use herCAREER-Network:

  • You are available for an exchange with About Me & Offer Sparring. Here you can help with your expertise.
  • With a lunchdate every two weeks, you are constantly expanding your network with exciting personalities.
  • With your search for sparring, you are looking for a sparring partner who can help you with a specific question. You can edit your questionnaire daily.

Currently in BETA PHASE

During BETA PHASE, everything is available to you free of charge.

After the BETA PHASE you can choose between:

  • Freemium “About Me & Offer Sparring”: Be available for an exchange – remains free. When your know how is needed, we will suggest exciting sparring partners.
  • Premium “Lunchdates & Search Sparring”: You participate in the regular lunchdates, but you can also pause the lunchdate subscription at any time. AND you can create a new “Sparring Search” match every day – overnight.

After the beta phase, the premium subscription will be € 9/month.

Your current subscription will not automatically convert to a premium subscription! As soon as the time comes, you will be the first to know.

You edit all the questionnaires that are of interest to you, about me & offer sparring, lunchdates and sparring search. After you are done, you set the questionnaires active – on “Ready for a new match”.

You can also set each questionnaire independently active or inactive. Or pause all at the same time, e.g.  when you are on vacation.

Please note: The questionnaire about me & offer sparring is the basic questionnaire it must always be active in order to be able to participate in the matching. Please remember  – a network always lives from “giving and receiving”.

About me & offer sparring: You will be matched as soon as your knowhow is in needed. Based on your knowledge and experience in the questionnaire, you will be suggested to participants who are in need of your experience and knowhow.

Lunchdates: Based on the information you provide the algorithm will suggest exciting lunc date partners with whom you can exchange ideas about your professional interests. Matches will be every 2 weeks, every 2nd and 4th weekend of the month.

Sparring search: Here you can make a specific search query on a topic that is of interest to you. You can edit this request daily. The algorithm suggests exciting sparring partners overnight every day if someone is available on your topic.

You’ll get an e-mail as soon as there’s a match for you.

Login to see the profile of your matching partner.

Log in to see the profile of your matching partner.


Please accept the match if it suits you! To do so, click the green checkmark under the profile picture. You can also put in a veto, then your matching continues in the next matching round!


Interesting personalities will be suggested to you – and you can contact them directly. Go to their profile to find the contact details.

You decide whether you want to arrange a lunchdate or sparring with your matching partner via e-mail, mobile phone, LinkedIn or one of the other contact options provided.

You decide whether a lunchdate and / or a sparring takes place online or offline. For a digital exchange, we recommend Zoom, Skype or phone.

Our recommendation: take at least 30 minutes time to talk and get to know each other. But of course, feel free for whatever is appropriate for you.

Another tip: Always answer to your match, even if it doesn’t suit you. So, you are automatically back in the loop and we can suggest further matches for you.

Just your matching partner is able to see your data and your profile and can access it for the lunchdate. If you are searching for a sparring, you see the contact details only when both of you accepted the match.

The herCAREER-Network algorithm matches based on the information and criteria you provide.

You determine on which topic you want to be available for an exchange and on which topic you are looking for an exchange and new impulses yourself.

Yes. You can edit all the information relating to your profile (knowledge, experience, which topic you would need support and input on, etc.) at any time and free of charge.

herCAREER-Network is a networking platform where you can exchange experiences.

As a user, you can also benefit from matching on herCAREER-Jobmatch free of charge. If you wish, you can enter the relevant information via the additional questionnaire “Jobmatch” (search for a job) after the registration process.

The herCAREER-Jobmatch will then draw your attention to job offers that match your profile. Please note that using Jobmatch does not mean that your data from network is automatically transferred to your jobmatch profile. The data transmission must be actively confirmed.

herCAREER-Network is not an acquisition platform. Thus, these inquiries have no place there. If the match / matching partner focuses on that you can report the user to info@her-career.com.

If you want to build and maintain an effective professional network, this is definitely in the interest of your employer and/or your company.

Ask if you can submit the invoice for herCAREER-Network!