• #strongtogether
    through mutual support

True empowerment succeeds when people support each other and share knowledge and experience to help others grow – whether with their own business or in the context of employment – true to the motto #strongertogether.

We create the space for cooperative networks

Women are said to be insufficiently networked. They sometimes feel challenged when they actively want to build and/or expand a network of supporters in a professional context.

As the organizer of herCAREER-Expo, we can draw on a wealth of expertise in establishing and expanding professional networks, which we also incorporate into our matching tool.

  • Through a continuously growing network of exciting personalities from all hierarchical levels and industries who want to empower women in particular to achieve personal success.
  • Through various focus topics, which make it possible to learn from the expertise as well as from the personal experiences of others.
  • The goal is to learn from each other and to take a different perspective – regardless of whether the topic is the start of a career, a career change, advancement to a management

The future lies in the cooperative network economy. herCAREER-Network is an offering for the age of connectivity. Through targeted matching and connections, we want to ensure that not everyone has to acquire all professional knowledge anew. Together we know more and above all we gain a completely new perspective! Let’s use this knowledge to move forward together more successfully.

Therefore we brought Sparring to life – the topics are:

  • Leadership and communication
  • Career and career development
  • Lateral entry in IT
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

If we are willing to learn from each other, open doors without envy, and support women in particular as they advance, everyone involved benefits. When we benefit from the learning curves and knowledge of others, we move forward faster. Our goal with herCAREER: Gender Equality for a fairer working world with real diversity and equality of opportunity.

  • We work with a scientifically based questionnaire technique and award-winning algorithms. This is why we can present participants with suitable potential sparring partners, regardless of whether the topic is the start of a career, a career change, advancement to a management position, a start-up or the next career level.
  • The participants decide with whom we should bring them into conversation.
  • In addition, participants have the opportunity to update their profile at any time: They can adjust their questions and competencies at any time – pause the matching process and resume it when the need arises. herCAREER-Lunchdates becomes a long-term companion in career planning.

The current discussion about transformation and digitization makes us aware once again of how important diversity in viewpoints and teams is in order to master the challenges of the future. This is precisely where we come in, by networking across hierarchies. With herCAREER, we stand for a working world that should be characterized by collaboration. To do this, we have to get rid of the old ways of thinking. Give it a try! Together we can achieve so much more!

In people who are just starting to network as well as in those who are already in the middle of it, the following reasons and thoughts can be observed frequently:

  • Making new contacts is not that easy, especially in times of the coronavirus – if you are not already the network queen anyway!
  • Networking – how am I supposed to do that on top of my job?
  • Paradox: Women like to help others, but are reluctant to ask for help themselves.
  • A network that addresses different issues – that would be really helpful!
  • When networking, women look to make a deeper and more personal connection.

You can agree with at least one point and recognize yourself?
This is exactly where herCAREER-Network come in. We are convinced that everyone has something to contribute – no matter what career level they are at. When we pool our knowledge, together we know more! If we support one woman, she will follow others! On our platform: dog-eat-dog mentality? – not with us!