• Cooperative networking
    Sharing knowledge and experience.

Anyone who is willing to share knowledge and experience can participate – this is how we really benefit from each other. Solidarity and true empowerment – that’s what we stand for with the herCAREER brand.

herCAREER-Network stands for professional and personal exchange. Whether contrary or conforming discussion: You decide.

Life goals, career planning, new work – the job market is in a state of flux and is increasingly showing how important diverse perspectives and teams are in order to master the challenges of the future.

With herCAREER-Network we want to create specific connections. Due to technology, we can bring together even more women in general and, above all, in a more specific way.

During the beta phase the entire offer is free of charge!

After the beta phase you can choose between:

  • Freemium – About me | Sparring offer: Be available for an exchange! This option will still be for free. If someone needs your know-how, we will match interesting sparring partners with you.
  • Premium – Lunchdates | Sparring search: You are part of lunchdates but you can always pause this option. Also, you are able to get a match daily (over night) for a specific sparring date.

Your subscription won’t change into a Premium Account automatically. When we are ready to launch – you’ll be the first to know!

Are you interested in services and projects related to herCAREER? We will be happy to keep you up to date.

Matching with award-winning algorithms

herCAREER-Network is a platform for exciting contacts and a targeted exchange of experiences. That’s why you should join us:

  • The algorithm-based matching process was awarded the German Excellence Prize.
  • The questionnaires are based on scientifically sound survey techniques.
  • Those who match are significantly more likely to make contact! This means: More chances for a targeted and professional exchange.
  • Networks can be real career boosters.
  • Careers are based not only on performance, but also on professional self-promotion and good connections.
  • Almost every second job is now filled via networks. (Source: Institute for Employment Research, IAB)

Offer and get information, exchange ideas with suitable interlocutors and let’s benefit together from the knowledge and experience of the community.

How herCAREER-Network work

  • After your registration you will receive a link. There you can create your personal profile with the help of a scientifically evaluated questionnaire.
  • Networks function via a give and take. You determine in which subject areas you are available for an exchange and in which area you are also looking for an exchange and new impulses yourself.
  • Also, you can decide between different questions for which you are looking for or offer an exchange.
  • You decide at what intervals you will go through matching rounds for potential lunchdates
  • In order to contact each other, each participant specifies how he or she would like to be contacted. Be it via social media, e-mail and/or telephone.
  • Together you choose the time and meeting place for your Lunchdate – whether offline, over the phone or virtually via Zoom or Skype.

Please note: herCAREER-Network is not an acquisition or recruiting platform. We kindly ask you to refrain from such inquiries. Job seekers and recruiters find each other on herCAREER Jobmatch.

Our vision: The network of networks

Our platform herCAREER-Network under the label of herCAREER is also available to (women’s) networks – weather if it’s a companies’  internal networks  or for associations / networks / federations. 

  • As a (women’s) network you can match amongst yourself for a targeted  exchange. 
  • As a (women’s) network you can let your members network with other participants  from the  herCAREER-Network. 

With herCAREER’s platform, we not only support networking within the herCAREER-Network- we also connect overall. A network of networks, so to say. You are a (women’s) network and are interested in using our technology at attractive conditions? We are available for an initial consultation and an individual offer. Simply send an e-mail to: info@her-career.com